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  1. Inspiration!

  2. I am working on a project to help homeless people in Tent City, Lakewood, NJ to create a sustainable eco-village based physically on the micro-house structure, and spiritually on the Namaste paradigm of community through compassionate interactivity.

    Tent City contains about 80 homeless people living in a public woods outside of Lakewood. The town of Lakewood has been doing everything they can legally and otherwise to evict these people without regard for the fact that Ocean County has no shelter facilities to house them and has not been willing to provide one.

    The court has now ruled that Tent City must disband as soon as the county provides plans for sheltering the residents for one year. While better than nothing, in this economy, one year will go by quickly and many will be on the street.

    I would like to establish contact with you and see if you are interested in helping support the project whereby they acquire the ability to create and thrive in a sustainable village.


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