Acts of Sustainable Charity from a 24 Year Old Farmer in Ukraine

Last year in Ukraine a young farmer made a donation for the Kid’s Charity sending seeds to grow vegetables. Ruslan got attached to plants since school. At the age of 13 he got attention of some local newspapers for his passion and interest in plants. His favorite plant was the tomato and remains so today. He has 250 different varieties of tomatoes in his garden, which also includes rare and exotic types of cucumbers, melons, strawberry, spinach and much more. Ruslan says “Nowadays not all the kindergartens and orphanages in the post-Soviet Union countries can afford buying seeds or growing fruits and vegetables for their kids but they have a piece of land” therefore this young farmer is willing to help. He is ready to send seeds to any kids’ organization that is really willing to grow food for the orphans or kids with disabilities. It is great for kids too because they can help and be a part of the learning and growing process. This way kids’ organization can feed their kids with healthy food over the summer and for the winter they can preserve their fruits and vegetables. “Moreover it is nice to eat your own fresh and organic vegetables and fruits” says Ruslan. Hopefully there will be some people inspired by this young farmer and follow his example.


Written by Anastassiya Zherdeva, Business Development Intern, Summer 2012


  1. nothing better than giving seeds away that will be used.
    I wonder how much they are teaching seed saving skills
    I try to get people I give seeds to to save and give them to others.

    • Seeds want to grow! I think that there should be more education around seed saving techniques… Do you have any good seed libraries or seed exchanges in your area?


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